2009-10-21 11:26

I looked for a way of changing mail format sent by the crontab.
I hoped for a syntax like MAILTO=

Answer: Impossible.

With Debian default cron program, it’s hard coded in cron :

In do_command.c source file:

fprintf(mail, "From: root (Cron Daemon)\n");
fprintf(mail, "To: %s\n", mailto);
fprintf(mail, "Subject: Cron <%s@%s> %s\n",
  usernm, first_word(hostname, "."),
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  1. Solution: crontab -e

    2>&1 | mailx -s “your subject here” your_email@somewhere.com
    to cron command

    * * * * * /some/dir/script_to_run 2>&1 | mailx -s “your subject here” your_email@somewhere.com


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