2010-06-20 23:12

A friend of mine has a PC with Windows XP / Ubuntu in dual boot. After the Lucid upgrade, Windox fails to boot (strange lines on the screen after Grub…).

TestDisk saved us:

sudo aptitude install testdisk
sudo testdisk
  1. Choose [ Create ] Create a new log file
  2. Choose windows physical disk, then [Proceed ]
  3. Choose [ Continue ] Continue even if there are hidden data
  4. Choose [Intel ] Intel/PC partition
  5. [ Advanced ] Filesystem Utils
  6. On Windows XP partition, boot sector is generally bad or non identical to backup sector (Sectors are not identical.).
  7. Choose [ Backup BS ] to copy the backup sector to the master sector.
  8. After that, quit, reboot and test.


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2010-06-03 13:48

With the last Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 come a new graphical module: KMS or Kernel-based Mode-Setting.

If you have performance problems in some games like Quake 3 or TCE / Enemy Territory, try to disable KMS.
The problem can also be with the mouse pointer (slowness, lag, delay or inacuracy).

Grub 2

Add nomodeset in /etc/default/grub then issue the command update-grub.

vi /etc/default/grub

Grub 1

Add nomodeset at the end of the # kopt line, then issue command update-grub.

vi /boot/grub/menu.lst
# kopt=root=/dev/sda1 ro nomodeset

Someone also told me that disabling KMS solved his Firefox javascript speed problem in Yahoo Mail.

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2010-05-20 23:53

Audio CD copy is actually not possible with Brasero on Ubuntu Lucid. All details in the bug report.

As a workaround, you must install cdrdao version 1.2.3, which is not yet available as a package.

To install it, you can use CheckInstall which is a bit cleaner than the old make install:

tar -xjvf cdrdao-1.2.3.tar.bz2
cd cdrdao-1.2.3/
sudo checkinstall make install

Note: the make command can fail because of missing dev packages you’ll have to install.

CheckInstall builds and installs a nice Debian package.

You can also use cdrdao directly. ps axf shows us the command Brasero is using:

cdrdao read-cd --device /dev/sr0 --read-raw --datafile /home/dooblem/brasero.toc.bin -v 2 /home/dooblem/brasero.toc

Here we go!

Links :

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