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Userspace Software Suspend is an alternative to the default hibernation method in the Linux kernel. It adds several interesting features like compression, encryption… Compression allows for hibernation with a smaller Swap partition. It also decreases the wake up time of your system!

Here is how to install USwSusp on Ubuntu Karmic. Should also work with a recent Debian.

Install the uswsusp package:

aptitude install uswsusp

You can now hibernate with the s2disk command as root.

To hibernate from Ubuntu menu or by key shortcut, then change the following line in the /etc/pm/config.d/00sleep_module file:


And test your hibernation!!


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  1. I guess this does not matter now but i think you wanted to say:
    “It also _decreases_ the wake up time of your system!”
    because of slow IO of the disk


  2. Thanks for the correction!
    I corrected my mistake.
    My english is not perfect..


  3. Thanks. I discovered uswsusp while playing around with antiX and a couple of other Debian Testing/Unstable-based systems. Glad to see it works on Ubuntu Lucid, this is the fastest resume-from-hibernation I’ve ever seen on a *buntu box.


  4. how do I install the uswsusp package on debian squeeze for raspberry pi . i have tried aptitude install uswsusp but i got an error mesaage `no candidate version found for uswsusp`


  5. It appears that the package is not available in the actual Debian stable (squeeze) :

    Maybe try the wheezy (testing) version.


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