2012-04-29 15:53

I’m looking for a new laptop. My old T42p Thinkpad is becoming old. I’m looking for a laptop with a good screen…

However… finding a laptop with a resolution similar to my T42p is impossible on today’s market. The T42p has been released for more than 8 years now!! When I’m speaking resolution, I mean pixel density in PPI. My resolution is of 1400×1050 for 14.1 inches, which is good! it gives a density of 124 PPI.

Nowadays, all laptops have the same unique 1366×768 resolution. The last thinkpad X1 from Lenovo with 13.3 inches is only 118 PPI.

It’s revolting! I want my pixels!

Apparently I’m not the only one in this situation…

It’s sad. Maybe it will be better in the future… with our cell phones screens having far better resolutions…

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2012-04-29 15:53

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