2014-08-31 11:55

Mathilde’s contribution:

This script allows you to launch a search by filesize on opensubtitles.org, with a simple right-click on a video file.

If it does not exist, create the .local/share/nautilus/scripts directory in your personnal folder (from Nautilus, you can use the Ctrl+H shortcut to display hidden files and be able to see the .local directory).

Save the subtitle file in .local/share/nautilus/scripts

Add execution permission to the script, in file properties, or running the command chmod +x ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/subtitle

Open Nautilus (aka “Files”). Select the film you want to search subtitles for, right-click > scripts > subtitle.
A browser window will open directly on opensubtitles.org with your search results.

By default, the script will search subtitles in english. To change the language, open the script and change the LANG variable.

Content of subtitle script:



SIZE=$(stat -c %s $FILE)

xdg-open "http://www.opensubtitles.org/eng/search/sublanguageid-$LANG/moviebytesize-$SIZE"
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