2015-11-04 22:59

Many users reported me that port 445 is blocked on portquiz.net.

Sorry about that : my hosting company, OVH, is probably blocking this port.

I opened a support ticket but got a response stating that no port is blocked.

I opened a thread on OVH forum (french).

Feel free to post your tcptraceroute, or contact OVH.

2015-11-04 22:59


  1. I’ve just spent a day troubleshooting this. I didn’t realize that portquiz.net is also hosted by OVH. Why that’s a fail? Because servers I were trouble shooting are also at OVH. So I thought the problem is somewhere else. What a coincidence.

    I’ve just sent them request to open 445. Let’s see what happens.


  2. Hi, this is the case, OVH do block TCP port 445.

    I just got this from support after putting it to them that they block port 445:-


    Thank you for contacting OVH, I have checked with the security team and can
    confirm that port 445 is blocked and will remain blocked. We have blocked port
    445 since 2008 and continuing recent events we will continue to remain this
    block in place.

    For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through a
    support ticket or through by phone at 0333 370 0425.

    Neil M.
    OVH UK Support


  3. Are you allowing Port 22? I’ve tried, unsuccessfully from two different businesses in two different physical locations. And both have completely different firewall vendors.


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