2013-12-05 21:18

I just finished migrating my blog from Dotclear to WordPress.

I quickly tried some existing plugins to do the migration but none worked. My setup is a bit complicated because I was using the dc_translate plugin to translate all my posts.

Here is the migrate script. If it can be of use. Warning: you probably have to adapt the script to your needs, to remove some stuff, because it’s also reading Dotclear translation tables.

  • The script is called in command line via PHP cli
  • The script is using plain SQL to read from Dotclear database and to write to WordPress database.
  • It uses the wiki2xhtml Dotclear library to convert dotclear wiki syntax to html.
  • It uses formatting WordPress library to convert Posts url to WordPress format.
  • For each post, it also imports comments and tags.

I’m now using 3 plugins to manage my French translations in WordPress:

  • qTranslate
  • qTranslate slug
  • qTranslate Separate Comments


2013-12-05 21:18

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