Bizou - A (french) KISS php image gallery

Bizou is a very simple image gallery written in PHP following the KISS principle.

Bizou is free software released under the GPLv3 license.

(Bizou is a variant of "bisou", a french word for a kiss.)



Required: a web server with PHP5 and the GD extension.
  1. Untar the archive to your web directory
  2. Copy some files in the images/ directory
  3. For thumbnails, make sure the web server has write access on the data/ directory (probably not needed for FTP installs)
  4. Try it, have fun!
# And for commandline fans like me...
tar -xzvf bizou_vXX.tar.gz
# allow we server to write in data dir
chgrp www-data bizou/data/
chmod g+w bizou/data/


All plugins are now included in Bizou archive. Many are disabled by default. To enable, move them from _disabled dir to plugins dir.


Enabled by default. An image viewer with prev/next buttons, keyboard navigation and next image preloading.


Enabled by default. A css style for Bizou. Many thanks to Titi for that.


Download an entire directory with tar streaming. Very fast, and no need for extra space. You can enable recursion by editing tar.php. Demo
# commandline fans, downloading a directory becomes as simple as:
wget -O- | tar -xvf -


Download a directory as zip file. Contributed by Felix Friedrich. Demo


Use a balancing javascript algorithm to optimize thumbs widths (comics style). Contributed by Baptiste CLÉMENT. Demo
You may adjust THUMB_SIZE in config.php and purge data dir content after enabling this plugin.


Generate square thumbnails. Demo
You should purge data dir content when enabling it.


Adjust the sorting of folders or files. By default, reverse the directory order (most recent albums first). You can adjust the sort in sort/before_content.php Demo


Displays filenames bellow thumbnails. Demo


Feel free to report any bug or suggestion:

Git tree:


2013-09-28 (v1.7) 2012-08-19 (v1.6.1) 2011-10-17 2011-06-13 (v1.5) 2011-01-27 (v1.4) 2011-01-04 (v1.3) 2010-12-30 (v1.2) 2010-11-06 (v1.1) 2010-10-29 (v1.0)
Let me know about new versions. Email: